Recent books published by the principals of AtFocus include:

AtFocus had the pleasure of speaking at the Ottawa Region Contact Centre Association (ORCCA) on June 11. The topic...
People are People-Even in Changing Times… And We Need Them for Success
People are People-Even in Changing Times… And We Need Them for Success Change is closing in around us and new approaches to service delivery and organizational design are being implemented. With this brings a change in the traditional make up of teams and team work.
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Performance-Driven CRM: How to Make Your Customer Relationship Management Vision a Reality

How to tell if-and how much-CRM is working in your firm.
Enthusiastically adopted by many firms as the way of the future, Customer Relationship Management is now facing its toughest challenge yet: the company evaluation. Measuring what gains CRM has made for your company, if any, is sound business. And Performance-Driven CRM lets you determine how sound your investment in CRM has been, with practical tools for measuring and monitoring CRM initiatives and its impact on operations and the bottom line. Fully equipped with questionnaires, assessment tools, exercises, and action plans, the book also contains case studies and best practice examples from PricewaterhouseCoopers's global CRM practice, including FedEx, NEC, and Sears. With tips on e-business applications, the book describes how to use Web tools in research and what to measure in an Internet environment. This is an ideal resource for measuring-and maximizing-the return on your firm's CRM investment.

Customer Relationship Management: A Strategic Imperative in the World of E-Business

Maximize customer satisfaction and maximize your bottom line.
Over the last decade, too many organizations have assumed that their products or services were so superior that customers would automatically keep coming back for more. But in order to compete effectively in today's marketplace, organizations must change their strategy to become more customer focused, not product focused. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the best way to integrate this customer-facing approach throughout an organization. Aimed at understanding and anticipating the needs of an organization's current and potential customers, this innovative book shows how CRM links people, process, and technology to optimize an enterprise's revenue and profits by first providing maximum customer satisfaction.
* Covers developing a market-oriented strategy, innovation in products and services, sales and channels transformation, customer relationship marketing, and customer care

A Journey To Personal and Professional Success

The booklet is based on the principle that motivated, committed and high functioning staff contribute to positive organizational moral and high quality customer service. The booklet includes motivational quotes, tools and templates to kick start your own personal journey to success and achievement. It guides you through the process of determining what motivates you, what is important to you and focuses on developing your own Personal Performance Plan. It is easy to read, fun to complete and can take only one dedicated evening to finish cover to cover.

Strategic Customer Care : An Evolutionary Approach to Increasing Customer Value and Profitability

How to successfully apply the principles of customer care in any company
Most organizations today recognize the importance of improving customer care—the need to go beyond traditional customer service and truly manage customers as assets—but only about 6% apply its principles effectively. This book fully explains the three stages in the evolution of customer care. Readers will be guided through the process of acquiring customers, retaining them through segmentation and management of the relationship, and targeting their most significant marketing efforts to the most profitable segments.

Shows companies how to identify where they are in their own evolutionary process
Outlines successes and failures of companies, including Sears, CIBC, AT&T/Matrixx, Kodak, FedEx, and more

Breakthrough Customer Service : Best Practices of Leaders in Customer Support

This book brings together in one volume some of the leading ideas and practices in the field of customer service and support. Editor Stanley Brown has compiled an outstanding group of contributors who offer their first-hand success stories that explore every aspect of the field, including creating the right corporate culture, establishing and using the right measurements and standards, short- and long-term strategic planning, using state-of-the-art technology to your company’s best advantage, and more.

What Customers Value Most : How to Achieve Business Transformation by Focusing on Processes That Touch Your Customers: Satisfied Customers, Increased Revenue, Improved Profitability
Creating the service culture : strategies for Canadian business
Total Quality Service: How Organizations Use It to Create a Competitive Advantage