Change Management  

If you are involved in a major change or simply need to do things differently, Countdown2Change is a methodology that will assists with effective deployment of a program or service, new process, or an organizational change.

Change management is a planned series of events over the lifetime of an initiative, that proactively provide support to individuals to assist them in maximizing the adoption of behaviours that are required in order to achieve lasting benefits from the change. By exploring organizational readiness, the personal change journey, and the relationship between timelines and anticipated resistance to the change, we develop an easy to follow change program. We supply and coach the methodology and the change program. Either you or we can apply it.

We are: Consultants who can initiate and guide a change management initiative and develop a foundation for continual improvement; for optimizing the delivery of future services; and, for monitoring effectiveness and efficiency of current operations. We have significant knowledge in the areas of managing stakeholders, and facilitating and implementing change and the training required to support this.

Our services and expertise in this area include:

  • Change Program
  • Innovative Workshops and Training
  • Effective Communication Tools

Change Program

Achieving organizational cultural change is a significant challenge. Countdown2Change begins with establishing an understanding of how much change management is required for success. An organizational readiness assessment is performed, the personal change journey is explored with staff and anticipated resistance is documented. A customized change program is developed with your unique organizational characteristics in mind.

Innovative Workshops and Training

AtFocus ensures all change interaction is fun, focused and effective. We use a number of innovative techniques that ensures staff participation. Knowledge building through interactive, entertaining and easy to learn techniques ensures that the staff change experience is complete and effective. Automated tools, hands on experience scenarios, and competitive team building programs all contribute to successful, sustainable change.

Effective Communication Tools

Nothing can replace effective communication tools during change. Staff issues quickly escalate when inaccurate or little information is available. Momentum can quickly evaporate when the initiative becomes too difficult or early wins cannot be seen. Countdown2Change includes a specialized communication plan and tools that focus on getting the right message, to the right audience, at the right time, delivered in the right way.

To obtain a printable version of our change management services, download our Change Management Fact Sheet.


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