Customer and Case Relationship Management (CRM)  

We perform reviews and analysis of current operations with a view to identifying strengths and weaknesses of current service delivery operations, where gaps exist, and the creation of implementation/transition plans to fill these gaps.

Many of the organizations we work with operate call/contact centre operations, and so our activities may include:

  • Call and quality monitoring
  • Review and validation of performance metrics leading to establishing a balanced scorecard
  • Comparison against established standards
  • Establishing service metrics for evaluation (service targets and service level agreements)
  • Reviewing and determining right size organization (how many call centres and how many CSRs, how many managers, etc.)

Market & Customer Research and Analysis

In many of our assignments, some level of market research is required to complete strategic and/or Go Forward Plans. Activities may include:

  • Executive interviews
  • Focus groups
  • Customer interviews and focus groups
  • Best practice research

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