Organizational Goal Setting, Strategy and Business Planning  

AtFocus helps organization realize their full potential through organizational goal setting, new direction and plan development. We will help you develop future objectives and a planning process that works for your organization. A successful plan provides staff with a line for sight as to what is expected of them to achieve organizational key areas of focus, goals and objectives. Together we will accomplish this through a balance of leadership input, staff participation and objective advice on what is required for your planning process. The right process will result in the right plan for your organization.

We are: Consultants that have extensive experience in strategic/business planning for both the public and private sector. We have assisted with the end-to-end process…. from designing the process and templates for organizations, to drafting the detailed plan and presenting it for approval.

Our experience provides us with the professional knowledge you require to develop a process that you can embed into your organization for future planning and analysis, and the activities necessary to manage and continually improve your operations.

Our services and expertise in this area include:

  • Organizational Goal Setting
  • Strategic Plan and Business Plan Development
  • Performance Management Program Development
  • Line of Sight

Organizational Goal Setting

AtFocus works with your organization to define an overall strategic direction, articulate a meaningful vision and/or mission statement, develop guiding principles and align corresponding organizational goals, objectives and performance metrics.

Strategic Plan and Business Plan Development

The AtFocus approach to planning includes:

  • Development of clear, concise and effective planning processes, a “planning framework”
  • Creation of the Plan template that fits your organization’s planning and information needs and is customized to the look and feel you want
  • Facilitation services to ensure staff participation and buy in
  • Assessment, review and alignment of existing plans, offering strategic objective advice for successful deployment

Performance Management Program Development

The purpose of the Performance Management Program (PMP) is to provide an all-inclusive framework for what will be measured and how progress will be reported. Input and outcome measures, targets, standards and weightings are developed. Baselines are gathered or established and approaches to data gathering techniques are introduced. We supply best practice information and a customized set of templates and tools to jump start your PMP.

Line of Sight

The AtFocus approach to plan development ensures that your staff will understand your plan and how they will contribute to its fulfillment. Your staff will have a line of sight as to what is expected of them to achieve your organizational focus, goals and objectives.

To obtain a printable version of our organizational goal setting, strategic and business planning services, download our Organizational Goal Setting, Strategic and Business Planning Fact Sheet.


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