Process Efficiency Improvement

Business process improvement can make your business operation more efficient, improve the quality of program and service delivery and reduce costs. Business process improvement can also make your organization more resilient, enabling it to adapt to changes in the legislative, policy or operating environment that alter your program or service delivery requirements.

We are: Consultants who use a structured business process improvement methodology and modelling tools to document and communicate how work gets done and the processes and steps employees use to achieve results. One of the core advantages of our approach is that it does not require you to conquer all problems at once in order to deliver results. Projects can start small and still make a large impact.

Our services and expertise in this area include:

  • Business Process Efficiency
  • Benefit Assessment and Evaluation
  • Implementing and Measuring Performance Improvement

Business Process Efficiency

AtFocus will work with you to improve your current program or service. We will:

  • Diagram of your current processes using process mapping tools
  • Research leading practices for comparison and assessment of successful alternative models
  • Conduct workshops and personal interviews with key staff and senior management and incorporate their insight and ideas into analysis
  • Synthesize our findings and report on challenges, deficiencies and pathways to leverage opportunities

Benefit Assessment and Evaluation

AtFocus will assist you in assessing which business process efficiency improvements will deliver the best value for money to your organization. We will evaluate proposed improvement recommendations to measure their alignment to your strategic goals and calculate the costs and benefits (both tangible and intangible) of implementing the business process improvement.

Implementing and Measuring Performance Improvement

AtFocus will create a practical step-by-step roadmap for implementing your process improvement. The result will be an action plan that describes resources, costs, timeline and risk mitigation required to enable you to successfully deliver your improved program or service.

We will create a measuring and monitoring framework to record the results of your process improvement. Measuring and reporting on the results of performance improvement will help ensure your operational efficiencies will be sustained into the future.

To obtain a printable version of our process efficiency services, download our Process Efficiency Fact Sheet.


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