AtFocus Tools

AtFocus has developed several proprietary, proven tools to deliver quality results efficiently. We use our tools to help us conduct extensive consultation with stakeholders, while minimizing the amount of stakeholder time. We use our tools to determine the viability of solutions and to assess your operations, programs or services with those of leading organizations. We use our tools to assist Project Manager’s assess performance of their project to ensure it remains on track to deliver expected results.

Our tools include:

  • A Business Case Calculator - To assess ROI and determine if solution option(s) are viable consideration
  • The Rmap (Risk Measurement and Action Planning) Scorecard - To assist you to keep your project on the right track and highlight necessary corrective action
  • Web Survey Capability - To help you achieve fast and effective input from stakeholders
  • Wireless Keypad Voting Technology - An interactive tool to assist in decision making and prioritization
  • A Contact Centre Maturity Diagnostic - To assess your current state, your desired end-state, and the potential efficiency improvement of your contact centre.
  • The AtFocus Best Practices Database - To assess and compare your practices to those of leading organizations both within and outside of your industry sector
  • Priority Analysis tool - To assess the Value and likelihood of Achievement of what you plan to do
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